Greetings from Austin, Texas.

I'm a journalist and multimedia producer. I've been a reporter at major daily newspapers, including The Wall Street Journal's Dallas bureau and The Denver Post. My videos have appeared on websites with international presence, including and My photography was featured in the 2011 Precision Photographic Excellence print show. Most proudly, I helped launch and run two online publications: Austin Vida (a Latino lifestyle magazine) and Red River Noise (an alternative music zine). For my personal blog, click here.

"Multimedia journalist" can mean a lot of things, but when I say it to describe myself it means that I'm as equally comfortable telling a story with a pen and pad as I am with a D-SLR camera and Final Cut Pro. As managing editor of the startup website Austin Vida, I often chose to tell stories in various formats: I wrote interview pieces, edited interview videos and shot and edited my own photos. And that's when I wasn't editing copy submitted by our freelancers. All in a day's work.

My goal is to contribute meaningfully to an organization that values quality storytelling and isn't bound by last century's norms and expectations. I'm interested in moving forward with a 21st century approach to telling the whole story.

Thanks for reading,
AJ Miranda

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